Pecha Kucha Night #8

Wednesday 6th March 2013 Chill Bar

"Don’t take away the number you first thought of!"

Mark Wrigley

What’s artistic aesthetics got to do with mathematics? Answer: Leonardo Fibonacci. Born in 1170, his simple number sequence can be found in everything from pineapples to the Da Vinci Code. Mark Wrigley runs a company called Alternative Photonics; allegedly connecting light with sustainable living, but more accurately an exercise in advanced rebellion."

"Buzz Words"

Lee Grieve

Lee is a product design student studying for a masters degree in Sheffield. He’s originally from the beautiful hills of Cumbria and likes drawing things, making stuff and keeping bees.

"Old Toys and New Trousers"

Kyle Wilkinson

Kyle is creative director at DMSQD design and marketing studio. With a passion for all things design, he's sold prints as far afield as the US and most recently designed his first piece of furniture. From day to day you'll find him branding businesses, designing websites and creating campaigns for a variety of companies - and most recently for Doncaster Rovers...

"China is coming—are you ready?"

Bridget Pearson

Bridget graduated from Liverpool John Moores University in 2011 with a degree in Chinese. She’s visited China several times and is fascinated by the country and its people. Bridget has now started her own translation and interpreting business here in Barnsley, called "Your Bridge to China" (the name is no coincidence!) She also enjoys snowboarding, zumba and a good laugh with friends.

"Period Positive"

Chella Quint

Chella is a comedy writer, performer, artist, educator, and old school zine girl from Brooklyn, New York, now living in Sheffield. Last summer she presented at the TEDx Sheffield conference, performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and spoke on a fanzine forum as part of the Cultural Olympiad. She is currently curating an archive of things and people that are 100 years old in a ‘1913’ exhibition project.