Pecha Kucha Night #7

Wednesday 28th November 2012 Chill Bar

"Grab Your Eyes"

Lee Gascoyne

Lee is a painter and sculptor living and working independently in Barnsley. He describes himself as a self-styled bohemian eccentric and has lived an eclectic life so far with roles ranging from sign design apprentice and musician to backpacker and audiologist to an artist. Lee shares his thoughts, techniques and ideas regularly through his blog.

"How I Met Wil Wheaton's Cat"

Paul Davies

Paul is freelance sound designer and engineer. He’s also a musician, composer, Fortean, proud sceptic, writer, blogger, surprisingly keen bird watcher, a passionate advocate of social gaming and, above all, a massive geek.

"Not So Glamorous Side of TV"

Heather Siverns

Black Country born and bred (no it’s not Birmingham), the bright lights of London called Heather at the age of 18. She did lots of different jobs there until ending up by accident at the BBC – and so began an 18 year career making television programmes. She moved to God’s own country three years ago and now uses her extensive experience organising creative types in TV, to assist growing creative businesses here, through ‘Starsiren Office Services’.

"Me and My Ukulele"

Julia Pearson

Julia works in community arts, providing activities for children and adults with learning difficulties and special needs. She also works in care homes for people with dementia and is currently directing and producing a short film about a family dealing with dementia – called ‘Time Will Tell’. Julia promotes fun ways of dealing with the world, through drama, music, poetry, art, IT and social media. She also plays the ukulele.