Pecha Kucha Night #6

Thursday 6th September 2012 Chill Bar

"Did Grizzly Adams drive an Austin Allegro?"

Andy Pollard

Andy worked for years on local newspapers as a reporter, sub-editor, football columnist, film and theatre reviewer. When he finally got bored of chasing fire engines, smoking at his desk and making up amusing headlines, he went to university to study art history. There he stayed, and he now lectures in cultural policy and management at Sheffield Hallam. Andy is a devotee of decent music and good grammar and respects no man who listens to pap or can't spell.

"99 Monkeys and Why You (Probably) Won't Be Wearing Flares This Autumn"

Darren Smithson

Consultant of 'The Inform Group' based in Barnsley and delivers inspiring talks on science and technology, business practice, community development, regeneration and time management to such organisations as the MOD, RAC and London Stock Exchange. He is currently musing on the '12 principles of success' and his latest publication 'What Managers Don't Know and Workers Can't Tell Them' was published as an e-book earlier this year and will be released in a paper version this September.

"A Face for Radio"

Kate Betts

Kate Betts is the director of media and PR consultancy Capital B Media, which has offices out in the countryside near Penistone. Before setting up the company, Kate worked for nearly ten years for the BBC, mainly in radio. She also worked briefly for YTV’s Calendar and as a video-journalist for Look North – but never appeared on screen! Kate’s first job in journalism was at a weekly newspaper back in the days when writing was done on typewriters; phoning the office while out on a job meant finding a phone box, and research was a lot more complicated than just using Google. She is now proud to call the borough of Barnsley her home, but used to live down south in Sheffield.

"The Best Gift Ever"

Gail Cherry

Gail has done a bit of genealogy and found that her family have lived in Barnsley since 1775 (if not before). She started her own business 27 years ago and has pretty much worked for herself ever since. Gail is a professional development coach, believes in positive and lasting change and practices yoga every day. She has two grown-up sons who are musicians and song writers – to counter her serenity, ‘sludge-metal’ is their thing...

"I Can Haz Funny"

Matt Watson

Matt Watson is a developer, designer and geek from Barnsley. When he isn't pestering people about "The Digital Barn" (a Barnsley based web event he co-founded with co-geek Kimb Jones) he is a web developer for Barnsley Council and a Freelancer.


Rich Keys

Rich is a software developer technical director working with a broad range of technologies. As a keen outdoorsman and someone with a larger than average waistline, it's not surprising he's been called Barnsley's answer to Ray Mears on more than one occasion.

"Life is Like a Box of Chocolates"

Rebecca Sykes

Rebecca Sykes has been dashing about all summer taking photographs at school proms and weddings. She set up Blush Photography in 2008, with the support of the Prince’s Trust, and she’s now a national ambassador for the organisation. In that role she’s spoken at countless events and met Prince Charles, not once, but twice. Rebecca is now expanding her business to take more corporate photography - so less brides and more business events, fewer puffy dresses and more product launches.