Pecha Kucha Night #5

Wednesday 13th June 2012 Chill Bar

"Hunting Guerrillas"

Craig Birch

Born in Cannock, Staffordshire, technically on the edge of the West Midlands, Craig has managed to get rid of most of the Brummy accent except when agitated or drunk! He now runs Sugarcane Marketing a group of three creative companies doing web, brand and marketing work. He used to be a drummer too and has recently picked up his drum sticks for first time in six years. If you’re looking for a rusty slightly overweight drummer to play covers then Craig might be your man.

"Stone Balancing and the Puffin"

Jeff Platts

Jeff grew up in Darfield, Barnsley and worked for ten years as a miner. He reflects fondly on this period as the best education money couldn't buy. After the pits closed, Jeff returned to 'proper' education and studied youth and community work at Leeds Met University. He now works for the NHS as a health improvement specialist for children and young people. As well as that, in the summer, of a weekend, Jeff is often seen in festival fields, djembe drumming, teaching circus skills, performing fire routines and demonstrating stone balancing.

"It's light, Jim, but not as we know it"

Mark Wrigley

What’s artistic aesthetics got to do with mathematics? Answer: Leonardo Fibonacci. Born in 1170, his simple number sequence can be found in everything from pineapples to the Da Vinci Code. Mark Wrigley runs a company called Alternative Photonics; allegedly connecting light with sustainable living, but more accurately an exercise in advanced rebellion."

"Steroids for the imagination"

Kimb Jones

Michael, as he was known then, grew up in Jump, Elsecar and Hemingfield - three tiny villages just outside Barnsley and all with a very stupid names. He's always had a passion for technology, computers and gadgets which helped immensely when something called the 'world wide web' came about in the mid-90's while he was at college doing a Music Technology/Multimedia degree. Kimb has been making stuff for the web ever since and now works in the NHS providing creative digital solutions for Barnsley Hospital while simultaneously hacking together other web projects via 'his own small design studio 'base6'. He's also active in the UK WordPress community and co-curates The Digital Barn, technology conference in Barnsley.

"Human Potential: What is It?"

Jodie Houlden

Jodie just loves to study. Her core passion is studying positive human potential and this subject has led her to extensive research and development work in the fields of education, psychology, linguistics, neuroscience and biochemistry! Originally from Brierley on the outskirts of Barnsley (again), she has researched and taught for the past ten years at Northern College, Bradford University and the University of Huddersfield. She also writes her own seminars and training materials through her new business venture, PIQ Development. Jodie loves to write, loves to hang out with her nine and ten-year-old kids and describes herself as a ‘wordy nerd’.

"Me, Myself & Eye"

Kieran Bestall

Kieran grew up aspiring to be a footballer, but limited ability scuppered any chance of that and he turned his attention to sports journalism. He started a Media NVQ at Barnsley College in the mid 1990's but after a bad experience, which we won’t go into here, dropped out of that and into the world of finance. After 11 years working for Cadbury in Sheffield he now works for a local drainage firm and is currently working towards a top NVQ in credit management. He’s also watching football and pretending to play the guitar.

"The truth is out there, and you've probably got it wrong"

Craig Burgess

Craig Burgess is a director of Genius Division - a Barnsley-based digital agency. He is also a founding member of #meetfriday an open group of techy, designer types who meet up on Fridays, as the name suggests, to discuss work, design and everything.