About PKN Barnsley

Here are 20 answers to 20 questions!

What is ‘Pecha Kucha Night’
‘Pecha Kucha Night’ is a creative networking event where a few people give bright and brief illustrated presentations about subject matters of their choice. Then we all chill and chat about the presentations—and whatever else we fancy.
What is a Pecha Kucha?
A ‘Pecha Kucha’ is a short presentation of 20 slides shown for 20 seconds each. The 20×20 format allows each presenter to talk for six minutes and 40 seconds – no more, no less – on a personal passion, project or interest of their choice. No sales pitches are allowed!
What does Pecha Kucha actually mean?
Pecha Kucha is a Japanese word literally meaning ‘Chit Chat’ – the Pecha Kucha is a creative networking tool which aims to get us talking!
How do you pronounce Pecha Kucha?
Easy when you know how! But, don’t worry, pronunciation does vary. Our advice is to think of it as one word. And listen to this guidance
Where does the idea come from?
The first ‘Pecha Kucha Night’ was held in Tokyo in 2003. It was organised by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Klein Dytham Architecture. They devised the concept of Pecha Kucha networking events to encourage communication and collaboration between creative businesses in the city.
Are there Pecha Kucha Nights in other places?
Yes! PK Nights are held in over 100 towns and cities around the world including Sydney, Tel Aviv, Bern, Beijing, Budapest, Paris, Newcastle, Belfast and Chicago. Visit www.pecha-kucha.org to find out more.
How is Pecha Kucha in Barnsley organised?
A crazy, committed and creative collaborative of people organise the Pecha Kucha Nights in Barnsley. See our personal contact details on the volunteer’s page. The ‘Creative Barnsley’ group gained the essential ‘Handshake Agreement’ from Pecha Kucha Japan in May 2011, which makes us the official organisers of Pecha Kucha Nights in our town.
Can anyone attend a Pecha Kucha Night?
Yes, the events are primarily aimed at anyone working or studying in the creative and digital industries – designers, artists, writers, broadcasters, musicians, photographers, makers and so on. But whoever you are, if you feel a creative buzz and you’re interested in attending, come along.
How many people make presentations at a Pecha Kucha Nights?
In Barnsley, we ideally like about six to eight presenters each event.
Can anyone do a Pecha Kucha presentation?
Yes, we welcome submissions to present a 20×20 presentation at a Barnsley PK Night from anyone with something creative to say. We then chose a range of speakers for each event.
How do I apply to present a Pecha Kucha in Barnsley?
Please send an overview of your idea and tell us what story you have to tell; experience you have to share or idea you want to talk about… See our past speakers for guidance. We’ll get back to you and let you know if you make the line up at our next event.
How do you choose who will present?
Our aim is to select a rich and varied range of presentations for each event. We want to celebrate the cultural, creative, cutting edge and curious in our community.
We aim to not have any one person present at two consecutive events – we encourage new people every time to take the opportunity to speak.
Any rules?
No offensive images or language, obviously. Remember that Pecha Kuchas are not designed to be sales pitches. This strict rule comes from Japan. No formal Q and A allowed either – go, meet and mingle after you’ve done! You chose what images to use – we advise you credit any images that aren’t yours in the bottom right-hand corner for example – and be careful not to use copyrighted material. Your 20 images must be set to change automatically after 20 seconds each.
I am doing a Pecha Kucha. What do you need from me?
We ideally need your 20 slide presentation before the event to set up on our laptop. Send it – or a link to it – to info@creativebarnsley.co.uk. Most people use Powerpoint. We’ll also need a short biography and a photo with which to introduce you – and any website and social media contact details you would like to share.
Can I present with a few less slides or a few more?
No. 20×20. No deviation from the core concept is allowed. It’s the strength of the format.
What is Pecha Kucha Karaoke?
Occasionally, as an extra presentation, we ask a willing volunteer to ad lib over a 20 slides they have never seen before in their life! It’s just for fun – in a bare-knuckle ride way!
How do I find out about Pecha Kucha Nights in other towns and cities?
Visit www.pecha-kucha.org to see details of other PK Nights in England and abroad. For more news about our neighbouring towns, try following us on Twitter.
How do I hear about future Barnsley Pecha Kucha events?
Keep an eye on the website; like our Facebook page; follow us on Twitter @pknbarnsley and join our e-mailing list for direct invitations by e-mailing info@pknbarnsley.co.uk
When are the next Pecha Kucha Nights Barnsley?
Wednesday March 6th 2013, Thursday June 12th 2013, Wednesday September 18th 2013 and Thursday November 14th 2013.
Where are ‘Pecha Kucha Barnsley’ nights held?
Our first two PKNs were held at the Digital Media Centre and we then moved to the Old No 7 pub. Our current host is the Chill Bar. If you run a venue and would like to host a Pecha Kucha Night in future, please get in touch info@creativebarnsley.co.uk