Pecha Kucha Night #11

Thursday 17th May 2018 Barnsley DMC

A short time in the future, in a Digital Media Centre really, really close by…….

To celebrate the ‘May the Toys Be With You’ exhibition coming to Experience Barnsley, Pecha Kucha Barnsley is holding an evening dedicate to a galaxy far, far away…..

If you’ve never been to a Pecha Kutcha evening before, the event consists of between 6 – 10 speakers, each who create a presentation of 20 image, with each only on screen for 20 seconds. The slides change automatically so each speaker only gets a fixed amount of time to get their point over. Presentations on the evening are light hearted, informative and entertaining. Anyone can present as long as what they will be talking about relates to the theme for the evening.

This event will focus on Star Wars, so you could howl like a Wookie about how it’s the greatest film series ever. You might want to convince people it’s over hyped and point out where is goes wrong and other Sci Fi is better, or you might just want to explain why you think Jar Jar Binks get a lot of undeserved flack.

If you want to speak on the evening, you will be asked during the booking process. Please just book the Attendee ticket and select the approporiate option.

There will be light refreshments served on the night with a cash bar to be able to buy drinks on the evening.